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Forgiveness is the door to Freedom

What a truth by Veeresh!

Why people are so attached to pain, and especially to old pain? Not to forgive is just living in the past, letting an old suffering to make you Not Free to choose your life, what is really good for you, making you react instead of simply act. Sometimes it is because you are afraid that the pain will repeat again, and you overprotect yourselves, limiting your life. Sometimes it is because you don't forgive yourselves, so you cannot forgive others, it is because you see in others what you don't accept in yourself. Forgiveness is deep acceptance and surrendering... and let go. Bad things happen, you cannot avoid them, but you can give them as less energy as possible, and as soon as you forgive, you become free to spend your energy in something joyful, something good for your life. Can you imagine how much energy you spend in contracting yourself not to let go and forgive? All that energy you can spend to manifest your best life! Just put your hands on your heart, feel the transformative power of love, and let any anger and pain go... now you forgive, now you are free!

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