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We offer several kinds of Private Sessions, according to your needs and wishes. Some of them can be delivered also Online, for the sessions in presence we are present mainly in Italy (Pescara and Roma) and in different places of the world, when we are traveling. Write us an email to book your session or ask when we come close to you. In our center ConsciousLand in Italy, it is possible to stay more days for multiple sessions and personalized programs.

Tantra Massage

A Tantra Massage is a kind of touching meditation, honouring the whole body-soul system as a temple. You can enter in a no-mind state, flying on the wings of liberated sexual energy in a beautiful journey towards your inner being, your true self.
Through conscious loving touch the body can trust, relax, and open to a healthy flow of vital energy. This helps to remove possible stagnations of energy in the chakra system, opening to a balanced emotional fluidity, a fulfilling sexuality, a joyful life. Tantra massage helps to free yourself from social and parental conditionings, shames and feelings of guilt, allowing to fully enjoy your sexual vital energy.

We practice different styles of Tantra Massage, with the possibility to choose a specific traditional massage, a chakra balancing, or a combination personalized on you (Open Tantra Massage session).

At the beginning of every session we shortly talk and connect with each other to understand what is the best massage for you. As givers, we are in service and devotion for the receiver, channeling for him/her the cosmic love through our hands.
The massage can eventually include also the genitals, with specific Lingam or Yoni Massage.

For their own nature, these tantra massages are very pleasant and deep experiences, that can bring new awareness in your sexual and daily life. They have a strong healing power for every unbalance in chakras, for any kind of sexual disfunction, and have a deep effect of your personal and spiritual evolution and transformation.

The session is for both singles and couples. For couples we can offer a simultaneous joint session together.


The massage of genitals in Tantra is important for different reasons. First of all, Tantra honors the whole body as a temple, so every part of it has to be massaged. Second, the genitals are the most evident expressions of male/female polarities, where our sexual energy resides. Massaging them means to honor our being male/female, our natural vital energy. In Tantra sex and spirituality meet, so they are not only the sex center, but the gate to access superconsciousness.

Pelvic Dearmoring


Pelvic area is a place where tensions are easily stored, due to unreleased emotions and sorrow. This normally creates a global stiffness and localised pain or numbness, a kind of armoring which protects bad feelings belonging to the past, at the same time preventing good feelings in the present. Appropriate touches and massages in this area can remove layers of armoring and liberate the stagnant energy, allowing both to erase negative conditioning and to feel deeper sensations.

Special for Couples

We offer massages for couples, in which you can choose either to receive the massages at the same time from both of us, just staying close and sharing together the ecstatic energy developed during the session, or to massage each other while we guide you in this intimate sensual journey. It is a beautiful experience that brings new awareness and tools into your relationship.

Yoni Healing


A yoni healing session is a special kind of tantra massage devoted to the liberation and empowerment of woman’s sexual energy. It is a deep process where the receiver gets in touch with her unconscious patterns, her past, and unpleasant memories (sometimes even psychologically removed), mainly linked to sexuality. Any kind of negative experiences can bring consequences to the sexual life and are stored in the body, especially in the genital area (first and second chakra for women). The essence of the session is first of all “presence”. The giver is fully present, in service and devotion to the woman, to her divine Shakti nature. She drives the session, the giver facilitates her to be present and in contact with her inner being, so that she will express through her body what she needs for the healing. Memories are stored in the body, and especially the yoni is a very sensitive part, where the woman records and stores past experiences, easily creating stagnations of energy in some specific points. A special massage technique in full presence (“Yoni Mapping”) localizes these points and helps to free the stuck energy and the linked emotions. This is a deeply liberating and conscious process, where you can live again the past experiences with loving support, remove the emotional excess and bring awaress to them. The massage is extended to the full body, and the yoni can be massaged both externally and internally, according to the receiver needs and boundaries.
This session is indicated not only for women who had some negative sexual experiences (as for example abuses) in their lifes, but to every woman, because the beautiful emotional sensitivity, innate in the feminine nature, is very receptive towards any event, so that in general everyone has some energy stuck in the yoni area, that needs to be liberated and in a broad-sense “healed”. The best would be to periodically receive such a kind of sessions, in order to avoid to accumulate negative energies that with time can even bring to sexual numbness or disfunctional behaviours.

Ecstatic Massage

This is a tantra-inspired massage, where we use sensual conscious touch to move and liberate ecstatic energy in the body. The process is similar to the tantra massage. It helps the flow of energy in the chakra system, creating harmony and joy. The massage is extended to the full body except the genitals. This massage stimulates and increases your sensorial abilities, deeply relaxing the body to its natural state of bliss. The pleasure of the touch activates and expands the ecstatic potential of the body, giving its benefits for days. Receiving this massage is receiving caring love and attentions, that is nourishing for the soul and brings happiness and fresh energy to daily life.

Womb Blessing and Womb Healing
(for women)

The Womb Blessing works like an attunement, where energy is channeled to you. Everyone can connect to the Divine Feminine energy, but this attunement is a direct process of connecting you to the Goddess’s healing energy and presence. The Womb Blessing grounds us strongly in the Earth, connecting to her energies and to our feminine soul. This process can feel heavy to some women who tend to be ungrounded, while other women may feel energised, empowered and whole. Both Womb Blessing and Womb Healing are energy works that can have a detox effect on the physical body. The Womb Blessing also connects us to the Light of the feminine spirit, which some women experience in feelings of lightness and openness. We are both these energies, we are on the Earth and we bear the light.

Coaching and Mentoring on

Sexuality, Relationship and Spirituality

 Online  or In Presence

Since Tantra is related to both sexuality and spirituality, it can naturally bring harmony and joy in personal life and in relationships.

We offer Coaching and Mentoring for singles and couples, to help to bring awareness in every aspect of life. Many times we have unconscious behaviours that are just automatic reactions to painful past experiences, without any foundations in the present moment, but our protection system activates, and we react out of fear and survival instinct. Bringing awareness to these hidden patterns helps to remove impediments to happiness and joy, to let our vital energy flow naturally and spontaneously, to empower ourselves to live an ecstatic life.
The session gives you practical tools to use in everyday life, in order to improve your sexuality, relationships, balance, and spiritual path.

You can Book your Session by

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