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Tantra Shamanic New Year Retreat

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Celebrations, Rituals and Meditations for the New Year

The end-of-year period has a profound value in human life, it invites us to bring awareness into our life, or to escape from it using momentary distractions.
We want to give you the opportunity to joyfully celebrate this important passage, combining awareness, play, emotions and intention.
For this we have prepared a magical space where you can gratefully let go of the experiences of the Old Year and manifest your New Year!

Have you ever hoped to find the magic wand for your life? To find it you just have to search within yourself! Through your will, intention and dedication, accompanied by meditations, rituals, and practices, you will find the keys to bring your desires to come true!

We will guide you on a four-day journey dedicated to savoring the juice of life, in a playful and joyful way, reconnecting to your body through movement, releasing your sensuality and your life force.

Together we will celebrate the transition to the New Year, with powerful tantric and shamanic rituals, in a sacred and loving space, where you will feel safe and at ease, to be able to manifest your essence.

This is an Intensive Retreat, but there will be enough time dedicated to relax, socialize, and integrate.

The Retreat is open to everyone, singles and couples. Couples are honored, and they can always decide whether to practice together.


What you will experience:

  • Fire Ritual, an ancient shamanic ritual to let go of what you no longer need, and open yourself to change

  • New Year's Ritual, the intent to manifest your New Year, we will practice manifestation techniques to guide you towards making your dreams come true

  • Celebration of the Passage to the New Year, immersed in a playful atmosphere, where you can rediscover yourself authentic and maybe even bizarre

  • Special New Year's Eve dinner, with excellent vegetarian food, mainly local and organic

  • Dances to express your free and ecstatic essence, freeing yourself from stress and conditioning

  • Tantra Massage, to reconnect to your sensuality with body and soul, in a safe and relaxing atmosphere

  • Yoga of tantric inspiration, completely aimed at relaxation of the body and the mind, meditative and deeply connecting

  • Positive affirmations to bring into your daily life

  • Deep and authentic connection with new friends, the beauty of meeting new people and sharing deeply yourself


DAY 1 - 30 Dec 2022

14:30 Opening + Session
17:00 tea break
17:30 Session
19:00 dinner
20:30 Session
22:00 end

DAY 2 - 31 Dec 2022

  8:00 Yoga
  9:00 breakfast
10:30 Morning Session
13:00 lunch
16:00 Sharing
17:00 tea break
17:30 Session and Preparation for the New Year Ritual
22:00 Dance Party + New Year Ritual

DAY 3 - 1 Jan 2023

  8:30 breakfast
10:00 Session
13:00 lunch
15:30 Sharing
16:30 tea break
17:00 Massage
19:00 dinner
20:30 Cacao Ceremony + Meditation

DAY 4 - 2 Jan 2023

  8:00 Yoga
  9:00 breakfast
10:30 Active Meditation
12:00 Session + Closing
13:30 lunch

30 December 2023 - 2 January 2024


We will stay at ConsciousLand, our beautiful retreat center, on the Mediterranean hills of central Italy, a private space with a beautiful group room, bedrooms, swimming pool, and a lovely sauna. The property is surrounded by olive trees and with a suggestive view on the hills, mountains and sea. This land is still used to produce its precious fruits, such as vegetables, olive oil and fruit, which are used to prepare delicious vegetarian food for our guests.

Everything is Organic, in harmony with the welcoming energy of Mother Nature.

It is a magical space where everyone can experience freedom, let love flow, and live joyfully.

It is located in Picciano, not far from Pescara.

For the accomodation there are few bedrooms available in the structure, the others can stay in B&Bs near us.

Retreat: 340€
Early Bird until 8 December: 290€
Discount for Couples: 50€

Accommodation and Food: 165€ (group room) - 195€ (quadruple room) - 225€ (double room)
(three meals a day, vegetarian, mostly organic and with local ingredients)


Places are limited to 16, we invite you to book as soon as possible.

To book or ask any information, you can write an email to:




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