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Tantra Paradise Holiday


Tantra and Holiday, the best ever combination!

A special opportunity to join Tantra practices and Holiday, a perfect combination to create your Paradise!

Every day you will have half time joyful tantra practices and half time free holiday, enjoying the place and the surroundings.
The idea is to have the best experience from your holiday time, while at the same time the welcoming, relaxed and joyful atmosphere will bring new positive steps in your personal or couple life.
To have the best from your Tantra Holiday, part of the activities can be adapted to the personal needs, according to the availability of the common spaces.
We will stay in our beautiful retreat center ConsciousLand in the Mediterranean hills of central Italy, a private nudity-friendly space where to enjoy freedom, love and joy. We have a house, a group room, and a land to live immersed in the friendly nature, eat the fruits of the local trees, and stay in community, sharing spaces and experiences. You will also have enough time and space to stay by yourself, relax and enjoy the holiday in the best way for you.

Here some daily activities:

  • tantric rituals and activities;

  • conscious touch and massages;

  • tantra yoga;

  • meditations;

  • connection with nature;

  • tantra spa;

  • excursions to near close beaches, mountains, and typical villages.



What you will have from this special holiday:

  • fully recharge yourself;

  • experience real freedom;

  • express your sensuality with consciousness;

  • new tantric practices;

  • relax in the nature;

  • deeply connect with friends;

  • increase intimacy with your partner.

Included facilities:

  • swimming pool;

  • sauna;

  • Jacuzzi.


You will also have the possibility to receive Private Sessions and Massages at a discounted price from Dhyan and Nama.

The holiday is open to everybody, singles and couples, and you can choose your preferred week or shorter period in the period indicated below. The maximum number of participants is 14. It is also possible to do a Private Retreat for only one person or a couple, where the program will be fully personalized for you.