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Tantra Training for Couples

The great master Osho said that

the tantric path as a couple is the fastest way for enlightenment.

This is because partners mirror each other, and they cannot hide individual patterns and wounds anymore. Nobody can trigger you better than your partner, bringing to light everything that needs to be healed.

At the same time, partners support each other in their own processes, and this is the key of conscious love.
You will learn how to be a tantric couple, that means you will start to "raise in love", while going deeper and deeper inside yourself and with your partner.

This is an intense, beautiful and joyful process that gives a boost to your personal development, and strongly increases your consciousness at every level, as an individual and as a couple.
You will remove the conditionings and the limiting patterns that you built during your life, and you will touch your essence, and the essence of love and joy that only consciousness can bring and let flow.
We are all loving human beings and we all desire to reconnect with our opposite polarity, to recreate the
unity that was before our souls came into our bodies.
Human life is a wonderful journey, and relating with a partner is a great gift of existence... there is so much love... just remove the stones that are along the path, and let love flow in all of its magnificence!
Let's forget the stereotypes that our society created about being in a couple, let yourself be surprised and enjoy this wonderful opportunity to walk in life with a partner, to give and receive love, and celebrate together the joy of our conscious paths toward ecstasy.

This training is open to every kind of couple, either in daily life or just for the tantric path. It is designed for heterosexual partners, but it is open also to couples of the same sex.

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You will learn how to:

  • practice sacred sexuality

  • love consciously

  • use tantric breathing techniques

  • have a fulfilling relationship and sexual life

  • increase your ecstatic ability

  • free your erotic potential

  • create a divine union at the level of the body and the soul
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There are 7 levels:

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In this first level we focus on the process of increasing the intimacy between the partners. By removing the obstacles artificially created in daily life, you can simply move closer to your partner. This happens at every level, from sexuality to soul connection. This is the basic of a tantra couple.


The embodiment and harmony of male and female energies is a fundamental aspect for a healthy relationship. This level offers you an exploration of the male and female polarities, focusing on the differences in the chakra system, and the harmony between opposite polarities.



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The senses are the doors to pleasure and ecstasy, and tantra offers a unique possibility to heighten and refine them. Exploring and discovering their power, gives you access to states of higher consciousness through pleasure.


Sexuality is a main aspect of human life, it is the source of life, and also the door to enlightenment. This level is devoted to learn and experience practices of lovemaking that will give you a boost in both your sexual and spiritual life.
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When you learn to be grounded in your own polarity and connect with the opposite one of your partner, through sexual union you experience a real expansion of your being. This is a life-changing experience, that you bring in all aspects of your life.


We focus on the sacredness of male and female bodies as direct expressions of the divine essence in human beings. This is emphasized when your bodies come into lovemaking and you approach it as a sacred union.



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The last level is one week long, and will put together all that you experienced in the previous ones, adding key tools for an efficient tantric love relationship. You will experience what it means to have a Divine Union, and how to maintain this state in your daily life.

*You can access each level only after completing the previous one and the home practices connected to it.

In this Training you will practice several tantric techniques, also using different lovemaking meditations with your partner. They are a very powerful tool, that opens a new portal into consciousness and love. All sexual meditations will happen in the privacy of your room, and with your own partner, that will be the same for the whole Training.

We create a safe and supportive space with clear boundaries, where couples can feel at ease, and free to experience and grow consciousness, connection and love. You will practice meditations, rituals, exercises, massages, dances, and will work with your partner or in a group. Processes will be intense and deep, while keeping at the same time playfulness and joy, the best way to evolve fast and enjoy the celebration of your life-path.





Levels 1 & 2: 

From 1 to 6 December 2023


From Friday at 6 p.m to Wednesday at 3 p.m.

Time Plan of the Training

The frequency of the levels is every 3-4 months, so that you have enough time to practice the meditations at home and integrate the processes as an individual and as a couple.


Levels 3 & 4:

 Spring 2024 (6 days)


Levels 5 & 6:

 Autumn 2024 (6 days)


Level 7:

 Spring 2025 (6 days)


  • 7:30am – Group meditation session

  • 9:00am – Breakfast

  • 10:30am – Group session

  • 1:00pm – Lunch

  • 3:00pm – Group session

  • 5:00pm – Tea and snack

  • 5:30pm – Tantra Practices in your bedroom with your partner

  • 7:00pm – Dinner

  • 8:30pm – Group session

  • 10:0pm – End for the day

Your Teachers:

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