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Tantra & Eros

Expand your erotic potential!

EROS is life force energy, it is the engine of happiness and fulfilment, the source of joy and peace in individual and collective lives, expressed by a balanced sexuality. This was well known in the tantric tradition of ancient India, then rediscovered and adapted to our modern society, where eroticism is commonly repressed, and often expressed in unconscious ways.

  • Do you want to let go of shame, fear and guilt connected to sexuality?

  • Would you like to feel free to express your fantasies?

  • Are you longing for a more juicy sexual life?

  • Do you desire more spicy and sexual fulfilment in your relationship?

  • Would you like to learn new erotic tools for your daily life?

These workshops bring you the tools to expand your erotic life and orgasmic potential, celebrating the life force energy as sexual energy.

You will discover a new dimension, possibly unexplored, grounding your sexual energy to be able to blossom in your loving and connecting abilities. We will practice dances, massages, rituals, exercises to experience the full potential of your erotic being. We use practices from the ancient tantric tradition, blended with the best expressions of conscious western eroticism.

You will practice alone, with a partner and in the group, in a safe space, where you can experiment free of judgement and fear, bringing awareness to your desires, your boundaries, your lights and shadows, and cultivate your sexual energy. This allows you to enjoy your erotic potential in daily life, either alone or with a partner.

In this workshops you will:

  • experience the power of your innate erotic potential;

  • enjoy tantric tools to expand your pleasure;

  • connect with others as a tantra community;

  • relate through conscious sensual touches;

  • express your eroticism free from conditionings;

  • recognize and honour the divine nature of eros.

The workshops include also:

Erotic Tantra Massage, a special massage created on the base of ancient traditional tantra massage, expanding its erotic elements to give the best experience of flow of sexual energy.

Kamasutra Yoga, a simple yoga practice with a partner that introduces you to the positions of kamasutra in a safe way to practice with your partner or friend. Your body will learn different ways of lovemaking, and the different benefits, that you can practice in your private sexual life.

Divine Eros experience, rituals devoted to express the different aspects of eroticism in connection with ancient Gods and Goddesses, as inspired by the tantric tradition. This is a special occasion to celebrate your divine sexuality in a playful and joyful way, free of any judgement, shame, fear and guilt.

Temple Night, a celebration of sensuality in a tantric temple atmosphere, with spaces to play, to show, to interact or to stay by yourself, enjoying love and intimacy.

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ErosTantra Weekend

9-10 May 2020


Due to the current global health situation, this Retreat is postponed to a new date still to define, probably in autumn.

To be in the Waiting List and be informed about the next dates and Online opportunities,you can write an email to:

This weekend gives you an initiation into Erotic and Tantric practices, and expands your pleasure at more levels. It is intended for both beginners and experts, couples and singles. Everyone will benefit from free exploration and expression of his/her own erotic energy.If you are in a couple, you will have great benefits in your sexual life and heart connection.If you are single, you will reach new awareness and expand your erotic potential, allowing to create new fulfilling relationships.

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