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Tantra Mastery Series
Tantra Training for singles and couples


A Journey through the Chakra System

"From Sex To Superconsciousness" is an expression created by Osho. It symbolizes the journey through the chakra system, made of seven energy centers connected with different aspects of our lives. Inspired by this, the master Ma Ananda Sarita created this training consisting of seven weekends, exploring one chakra each. It is a transformational journey through body and soul, where you can find balance in each chakra and harmony in the whole system. Every chakra weekend is independent, and you can choose the order in which you want to do them, you can also do just one or few of them, and if you complete the series of seven you will receive a certification.In the ancient model of spiritual evolution, one can open up the life force energy, known as Kundalini, held at the base of the spine, and use this to cleanse, open and heal any stagnation in the Chakra system, learning the life lessons held in each chakra as a result of the opening process. In this way, one becomes a conduit for the descent of universal energy, thereby accessing and living in universal consciousness.

CHAKRA 1 (Sex Centre or Root)


The first chakra weekend unveils the power of our original life energy. This exploration is of great importance for any sexually mature person on the spiritual path. When we are able to live the first chakra with awareness, the huge potential which is inherent in sexual energy opens us up to passionate ecstasy, to freedom of expression, spontaneity, and Kundalini awakening. Our roots need to be understood and liberated from ignorance and unconsciousness. Once freed, this energy is the fuel for sexual fulfillment and for spiritual awakening.

Its color is Red. In tune with kidney, bladder, genitals, anus, pituitary gland, and prostate.

Out of Balance: greed, sex addiction, jealousy, no libido.

In Balance: ecstatic pleasure in sex and a feeling of being rooted, secure, trusting, with a strong life force.

The first chakra is an emissive polarity in men and a receptive polarity in women.

CHAKRA 2 (Navel Centre)


On the 2nd Chakra weekend, we open up emotional fluidity. When emotions are understood and accepted in all their variations, Kundalini energy begins its ascent. The second chakra is connected to both birth and death, and the human response to these tends to be fear. By facing the portals of birth and death in deep acceptance, we learn to be fluid and open to change and transformation.

Its color is Orange. In tune with liver, gallbladder, hypothalamus, and female uterus and ovaries. The navel is where you receive life from your mother in the womb. After birth, it is still an energetic link to the universal womb, the goddess.

Out of Balance: depression, hysteria.

In Balance: joy and laughter, emotional fluidity, centredness and sexually, a sense of deep connection and profound orgasm.

The 2nd chakra is an emissive polarity in women and a receptive polarity in men.

CHAKRA 3 (Solar Plexus)


During the 3rd Chakra weekend, we discover unity of opposites. Inner division creates stress, leading to inner and outer war. The third chakra contains the lesson we are learning on a global level right now, how to let go of limiting beliefs and become vast enough to contain contradictions offered by life. As more individuals learn this lesson, as more the whole human collective will be benefitted.

Its color is Yellow. In tune with stomach, spleen, pancreas, lung, large intestine, the medulla oblongata, and the limbic system. This chakra digests new information and transforms it into lived experience; here, life experience becomes wisdom.

Out of Balance: fanaticism, blind belief, following the expectations of others, power trip or inferiority.

In Balance: following your soul calling, wisdom through experience, able to embrace the unity of opposites, and in sexuality experiences of “egolessness” and full body orgasm.

The 3rd chakra is a positive polarity for men and a receptive polarity for women.

CHAKRA 4 (Heart Centre)


The 4th Chakra weekend supports us in becoming divinely human. As we open our hearts, we experience love as the rainbow bridge between matter and spirit. Moving deeper, we discover that I am love, and Love is God. The path of love is full of the colours of celebration and opens us to unlimited bliss.

Its color is Green or Pink. Linked with the heart, small intestine, and thymus gland. The heart chakra purifies incomplete life experiences, seeking to distill everything in the crucible of love.

Out of Balance: cold hearted and inhuman, destructive tendencies.

In Balance: loving, nurturing, compassionate, with a big ‘Yes’ to life, knowing that Love is God, sexually both partners dissolving into love itself, transcendence of conflict in relationship. Orgasm of the heart is divinely physical and yet carries a timeless mystical quality.

The 4th chakra is a positive polarity in women and a receptive polarity in men.

CHAKRA 5 (Throat Centre)


The 5th Chakra weekend supports us in our potential for self realization. It is here we learn to become a co-creator of our own destiny. It is a fast track for dissolution of the ego-based mind and an awakening to Divine will. Creative expression is of paramount importance in this chakra.

Its color is Turquoise. In tune with the thyroid gland. This chakra is linked to the father, or male principle, and is about the creative expression of truth and wisdom.

Out of Balance: inability to express or be creative, fear of power and fear of ecstasy. Any unresolved issues around the male principle may cause energy stagnation in this chakra, leading to frustration and a feeling of being a victim in life and out of tune with one’s life purpose.

In Balance: flowing creative expression, a sense of being co-creator with the divine, a channel for Godliness. During sex, the small self is dissolved into an oceanic oneness with all that is.

The 5th chakra is a positive polarity for men and a receptive polarity in women.

CHAKRA 6 (Third Eye)


During the 6th Chakra weekend we work with psychic opening and the phenomenon of clairvoyance. This dormant gift is easily awakened when we allow ourselves to surrender to cosmic consciousness. Through meditation, we can learn to melt into the void where the vastness of the soul gives birth to all wisdom. As we apply soul awareness to our daily life, every aspect of life is revealed as divine.

Its color is Indigo. Linked to pineal gland, eyes, nose, and ears.

Out of Balance: spiritual sleep, not aware of the tremendous potential of life, insomnia, fear of death, phobias, psychosis, lethargy, and stress.

In Balance: intuitive, in tune with the rhythm of life, balanced sleeping and waking, clear sense of direction in life, and sexually, orgasm beyond time and mind, with a sense of unity, body and soul. A propensity to be a healer and a deep meditator arises from here.

The 6th chakra is a positive polarity in women and a receptive polarity in men.

CHAKRA 7 (Crown Centre)


The 7th Chakra weekend is all about superconsciousness. Normally, people use a very small percentage of their brain capacity. When right and left sides of the brain merge, the mid-brain goes through a sudden awakening, as all the “lights” get switched on. This leads to the experience known as Mahamudra, the ultimate orgasm with the universe. Such experience takes us beyond duality into oneness with all that is. We move from personal love, into universal love.

Its color is Violet dissolving into White Light. Linked with the thalamus and the corpus callosum in the brain. The energy from this chakra radiates down through the whole body, through the central channel. Here is the union of inner male and female aspects, in perfect balance and attunement.

Out of Balance: confused as to life purpose and meaning, cut off from source, feeling like an island in a hostile world.

In Balance: merging into universal consciousness, an open conduit for the descent of grace, verticality is natural. Sexually, this chakra brings a feeling of being one with the lover on all levels, one with the whole universe and the discovery of the cosmic orgasm.

The 7th chakra is beyond duality, and therefore has no male-female polarity.

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