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Alchemy of Tantra Massage


Touch is one of the most beautiful and powerful ways to connect with other beings. There is so much information passing through touch, and mostly we are not aware of it. Either conscious or unconscious, touch is an energetic flow between two or more beings, a dance of movements and an intense exchange of personal energies. This is even more valid and deep during a massage, when giver and receiver connect to each other and enter in a common energetic state. From our own nature we all crave for touch, beautiful conscious loving touch. Probably most of us experienced how much a simple sincere hug is more powerful than any words… this is the power and beauty of touch!

In this course we teach the conscious tantra massage. You will learn to clear your mind, center and ground yourself, connect with a partner, and offer to both giver and receiver a great experience of touching and being touched, that will nourish both of you. Such an experience is not only very pleasant, but also healing. It naturally removes the protections that during our whole lives we usually developed towards others, based on worries and even fears. It gives trust, in ourselves, in others, in human beings, in life, in love, in the existence. You will learn the basic of tantra massage, the most loving and powerful kind of massage that you can experience.

When the massage partners enter in a state of general surrendering, compassion and love can naturally flow and the massage becomes a deep meditation, a transformative process towards a higher consciousness. The experience of the massage will be embodied and integrated into daily life. People experiencing such massages reach a natural state of ecstasy and bliss, that normally lasts several days. After a massage, many receivers refer that, when meeting friends, they usually say something like “wow, what happened to you… you have a different face… you look more nice…”. It is an experience of reconnection with the divine inside and outside us.

We will practice conscious touch and massages, together with meditations and activities aimed to prepare you for it. Tantra massage uses sensual erotic touch, moving the most powerful vital energy in our body. It balances the chakra system and induces deep healing experiences, moving stuck emotions that prevent the normal healthy flow of energy in our body-mind-soul system. At the same time, this touch gives general pleasant sensations.

The course is open to everybody, single and couples, beginners and experts. Couples are respected, and they can decide if work together or with other partners. They can especially feel the great benefits of the practice of these massages on their relationship, resulting in more flowing love and a renewed attraction and sexual life.

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In this course you will learn how to:

  • ground your energy;

  • let flow the sexual energy;

  • bring consciousness to your body parts and movements;

  • relate through nourishing conscious touches;

  • recognize and honor the divine in your massage partner;

  • give a conscious tantra massage.

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After the completion of the training, you will have the skills to give a full tantra massage, and you will receive the Manual of Massage, and a Certificate. In order to give professionally the massage, you need to complete a practice period. 

Every day you will have enough free hours to enjoy your time, relax and integrate the process done with tantra and meditations. During this time, we also offer different kinds massages and private sessions, together with coaching, aimed to give you joy and healing.

The training is thought either divided in 3 modules, or as a full unique course.



 Beetween November -



From Friday at 6 p.m to Wednesday at 3 p.m.


7:30 AM – Active Meditation or Partner Yoga
9:00 AM – Breakfast
10:30 AM – Session
1:00 PM – Lunch
2:30 PM – Session
4:30 PM – Free Time
7:00 PM – Dinner
8:30 PM – Session
10:00 PM – End of activities

This schedule can vary to fit the optimal flow of the training.

To receive information about the exact dates, please sign up for the waiting list.



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Our beautiful retreat center, on the Mediterranean hills of central Italy, a private space with a beautiful group room, bedrooms, swimming pool, and a lovely sauna. The property is surrounded by olive trees and with a suggestive view on the hills, mountains and sea. This land is still used to produce its precious fruits, such as vegetables, olive oil and fruit, which are used to prepare delicious vegetarian food for our guests.

Everything is Organic, in harmony with the welcoming energy of Mother Nature.

It is a magical space where everyone can experience freedom, let love flow, and live joyfully.

For the accommodation there are few bedrooms available in the structure, the others can stay in B&Bs near us.

Due to COVID, we will apply specific hygienic practices for your security.

ConsciousLand is situated in Picciano, which is not far from the town of Pescara in Italy.
          If you arrive by air, you can either fly directly to Pescara International Airport or you can choose to arrive in Rome and then take a bus to Pescara, which is a straightforward journey. If you need assistance, we can help you with organizing your travel.

per person




10% Discount for Couples!

Accommodation and food (3 vegetarian organic meals/day) for 7 days:

Double Room  420€ Quadruple Room  350€ Group Room  280€

Places are limited to 8 couples, we invite you to book as soon as possible.

To book or ask any information, you can write an email to:




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