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Welcome. We are an international school of Tantra and Shamanism. We integrate our offer also with Yoga and Conscious Sexuality and Erotism teachings. We offer retreats, courses, private sessions all over the world, and we have in Italy our own community place, called Conscious Land.
Our mission is to spread Love, Joy and Consciousness through the world, sharing our embodied knowledge with whoever feels ready to start a fulfilling blissful life.


Personalized Retreats for Couples - all year

At the India Tantra Festival - India, 19-24 November 2018

Beauty of Conscious Touch - Tantra Massage 1 - Vienna (Austria), 15-16 December 2018

Celebrate Pleasure (Multi-Event) - Vienna (Austria), 29 December 2018 - 2 January 2019

TantraJoy Party 2019 - Vienna (Austria), 31 December 2018

Beauty of Conscious Touch - Tantra Massage 2 - Vienna (Austria), 5-6 January 2019

Conscious Tantra Couples: Intimacy - Vienna (Austria), 11-13 January 2019

Bliss of Tantra - Norway, January 2019

Bliss of Tantra - Koh Phangan (Thailand), February 2019

Bliss of Tantra - Prague (Czech Republic), 4-7 April 2019




Your lovely way of being make me trust you and it's like you are born to do this. Your presence get me feeling well, relaxed and welcome. I've learned a lot from you and hope to learn even more. You really manage to touch my feelings that have been well hidden. I dare to participate in more and more workshops, thanks to you.   Bente (Norway)

This experience was very deep and nourishing for my soul and my body, now I know something new about myself. I would never imagine that few days could be so powerful. After that time with you I really feel something changes in my life, and I'm so happy to be ready for this. Thank you for this beautiful experience, for love, for joy, for lough and cry, thank you for your lovely presence.   Michael (Ibiza)

When you enter this space where only the heart knows and speaks and shares all its wisdom, then this is "coming home" - how blessed we were in this workshop to feel so much love, tender care, dedication - and just being! Dhyan and Nama created a free, loving and joyful atmosphere.   Kathrin (Austria)